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I am a professional in the medical field. I make $32 an hour, and I am 63 years-old. The state where I live – Wyoming — still believes marijuana should remain illegal, is bad for you, will make you insane, good-for-nothing, and anyone who uses it should go to jail.Most people around here have not seen the little girl with epilepsy, with constant fits, fighting for her life. They have not seen that same little girl now almost seizure-free because of medical marijuana.

Weed has changed her life, as well as everyone around her! I find it wonderful that she doesn’t have to take two handfuls of pills anymore, the manmade chemical compounds which have numerous side effects and contraindications.

I find it amazing that people are so willing to condemn the parents for giving their child cannabis. Would they feel the same if it were their own son or daughter going through hell? Personally, I opt for a natural substance with proven qualities; it’s too bad they can’t experience the difference. I did.

Two years ago, I had breast cancer — surgery, chemo, radiation, the whole 9 yards. Me, and more than a million other men and women. My pain was pretty well controlled with Advil, or in my case an Advil clone that I chose for the price.

My nausea — Oh Boy! You don’t know puking! We started with Compazine, oh no–we won’t even discuss that med. Zofran, ok, that was my friend, when it worked. I am not a good pill-taker, and sometimes I would gag on the pill I was trying to swallow for my nausea.

So, I decided it was easier to throw up a few time a day than swallow that pill. Besides, I like to have a drink in the evenings, since I don’t have marijuana access, and I didn’t want the side effects of the medicine on my liver and kidneys.

Chemo was bad enough. Before one of my 4 hour oncology visits, I saw an “older” woman, (ha, my age), smoking a pipe. I went over and asked her if I could “visit”.

She let me in her car and for the next 15 minutes before our IV session, she told me about the effects of weed on nausea and how it has helped her. She gave me a small amount and a pipe to try when I got home. I was very nervous about it, because of my job.

Always, without fail, I would have to pull over and puke 45 minutes into my 1 1/2 hour trip, and again within a few hours of being home. That day was the same. When I got home, I put a hit in the pipe to get it ready when the nausea butterflies struck.

Marijuana works for nausea! I know that it works, because I did the experiment myself

Marijuana works for nausea! I know that it works, because I did the experiment myself

The wait was only 3 hours. After I took the hit of weed, I just waited for the puking to begin. After a couple of minutes, I knew it wasn’t going to. Wow, nice! I had no more nausea for the next 7 hours.

Weed was my recourse for the next 3 days to control my vomiting. I no longer had dry heaves before breakfast for 3 days! It really messed with my diet plan, since it stopped my after breakfast puking. I did lose 15 pounds from puking, though…

We both finished chemo and radiation, but we didn’t keep in touch. I still have episodes of nausea, and wish I could have some marijuana when I need to control it. I sincerely hope in my lifetime that our state will allow the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana works for nausea! I know that it works, because I did the experiment myself.

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