Walter Rubel: Medical marijuana horror stories up in smoke

Medical Marijuana

NEW MEXICO: Essie DeBonet was 61 years old when she attended the New Mexico House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee in 2006, but she appeared to be much older. Frail and unsteady, DeBonet was clearly gravely ill.

A Link Between Marijuana, Schizophrenia Is Tenuous

"Samuel T. Wilkinson's attempt to tie marijuana to mental illness is reefer madness all over again."

NEW YORK: Samuel T. Wilkinson’s attempt to tie marijuana to mental illness (“Pot-Smoking and the Schizophrenia Connection,” WSJ op-ed, July 2) is reefer madness all over again. The evidence indicating a causal relationship between marijuana consumption and mental disorders is “neither very new, nor by normal criteria, very compelling,” according to research published in the journal Read the full article…

State Battles Federal Government for Independence in Medical Marijuana Case

Harborside Health Oakland

CALIFORNIA: Magistrate Maria-Elena James ruled that a cannabis dispensary in Oakland, CA, is free to stay open while local authorities fight federal prosecution to shut it down, reports Reuters. The ruling came in on July 3rd, just under the wire for local supporters of the Harborside Health Center to celebrate their temporary medical marijuana freedom on the Read the full article…

You Don’t Have to Think Marijuana is Safe to Support Legalization

Is Marijuana Safe?

Project SAM’s Kevin Sabet and other prohibition advocates have seized on a new Wall Street Journal op-ed rehashing claims that marijuana use may be correlated with schizophrenia:Why isn’t this getting more play? Doc at Yale School of Medicine: Pot-Smoking & the Schizophrenia Connection  via @WSJ — Kevin Sabet (@KevinSabet) July 2, 2013 Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin, in a piece titled, “A Read the full article…

Some New Mexico patients extol the benefits of medical marijuana

Melissa M. Loomis, a part-time employee for MJ Express-O in Truth or Consequences

NEW MEXICO: Melissa Loomis, 40, of Elephant Butte describes herself as a former “opiate addict.” She’d had major surgeries on her spine and suffered debilitating pain. “I couldn’t walk or hold my head up,” she said. “I was told by the best neurosurgeon in the state of New Mexico that I would never walk and Read the full article…

Vermont: First Two Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Open; Third One Planned

Medical Marijuana

VERMONT: State-licensed medicinal cannabis facility Champlain Valley Dispensary officially opened for business in Burlington on Monday, just a few days after Vermont Patients Alliance opened in Montpelier, reports Sam Hemingway at the Burlington Free Press.