Medicine Has Yet To Find Something Wrong With Marijuana

The conservative National Review magazine recently opined in an editorial: “Compared to binge drinking or alcohol addiction, marijuana use is a minor public health concern.”

There is no record of anyone dying from the direct toxic effect of using marijuana. It doesn’t cause cancer. We know from scientific study that it kills or stalls the spread of cancer cells in a petri dish. The big problem is that the government won’t allow clinical double-blind studies on people because marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug with no accepted medical use. Those are the kind of studies where you figure out effective therapeutic dosages.

As far as public policy is concerned, activists have been pushing that envelope the past couple of decades through state initiatives and federal suits. Now that polls are showing that the majority of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized, there will be more movement — a CNN/ORC poll released last week found that 55 percent of Americans favor marijuana legalization. (If a president is elected with 55 percent of the vote it’s considered a landslide.)

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