“Marijuana Is a Vegetable” and Belongs in the Farmers’ Market: Pot VC

COLORADO: Became the second state to legalize recreational marijuana last November and if one Colorado resident has his way, the plant will soon be sold at the Boulder County Farmers’ Markets, one of the largest farmers’ markets in the state. Justin Hartfield, a marijuana venture capitalist and CEO of WeedMaps, has petitioned Boulder’s mayor, local officials and organizers of the farmers’ market to include a marijuana stand next to the heirloom tomato and corn booths. Hartfield and his business partners are in the process of drafting a zoning ordinance for the city to consider.

“Marijuana is a vegetable, just like every other vegetable being sold on the Sunday markets in Boulder,” Hartfield tells The Daily Ticker. “We think the people of Boulder would want it there.”

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