'King of Pot': State's medical marijuana access rules too strict

MASSACHUSETTS: He calls himself the “King of Pot,” and he railed with megaphone on the doorstep of state regulators yesterday.

“They want only dispensaries to be able to procure your medicine,” said Michael Malta, 51, of Tewksbury, told about a dozen protestors who showed up on Washington Street.

His voice rising to a roar, Malta said, “The money said make it a monopoly. If you had only one Stop and Shop in Boston and everybody was shopping there, wouldn’t that be great. Well that’s what they’re trying to do with our medical marijuana law and we’re not going to take it. We’re not going to take it. Bring back the grow, and bring back the caregivers.”

Voters approved a 2012 ballot referendum, 1.9 million to 1.1 million, which legalized marijuana when used with a doctor’s recommendation.

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