Fact: Daily Marijuana Users Are As Healthy As Non-Smokers

SWITZERLAND: Cannabis is a “dangerous and addictive” drug, say proponents of ongoing pot prohibition.

But daily tokers don’t seem to have higher levels of health problems, emergency department use or hospital stays than people who don’t smoke pot, according to a new study in the Journal of Internal Medicine this month.

The title of the paper by lead author Daniel Fuster, MD, PhD, in the newly published study says it all: “No Detectable Association Between Frequency of Marijuana Use and Health or Healthcare Utilization Among Primary Care Patients Who Screen Positive for Drug Use”.

Cannabis is the most commonly used illegal drug, and is the subject of a 40 year-old Drug War that ensnares 750,000 Americans per year – yet its impact on health and healthcare utilization has not been studied extensively, the author states.

Fuster and co-authors wanted to assess the cross-sectional association between how often people smoked pot, and their overall health and how often they used the hospital. The researchers looked at 589 participants who used pot daily, almost daily, less than daily and a reference group who didn’t smoke weed.

“Frequency of marijuana use was not significantly associated with emergency room use, hospitalization, death, the presence of a disease, or health status,” they report.

Wonder what the data would show about tobacco smokers or daily drinkers?

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