Driven To Help Children, North Carolina Parents Push For Medical Marijuana Use

NORTH CAROLINA: North Carolina parents of children who suffer severe seizures are lining up for access to and pushing for legalization of medical marijuana where it’s not already allowed.

They want people to know they’re not radicals. And they’re not going rogue. They are searching for options.

They freely admit they are desperate parents staring down nightmares with their children, having watched them develop early skills only to lose them at the hands of numerous seizures, only to have tried cocktails of medications with debilitating side effects and watch them not work.

They want the option legal in this state to try medical marijuana. They want it so they aren’t forced to uproot and move to another state where it’s legal, where there’s been early success in treating seizure disorders.

For children, the cannabis is taken orally and not smoked.

In North Carolina, these parents are at the forefront of what could become a divisive, emotional debate in the General Assembly – if it ever gets that far.

They are teachers and government workers and stay-at-home moms. They come from all walks of life and all parts of the state. Most important, they are parents first. As Annetta Saggese, of Wilmington, put it, “For us, this is our child, so of course you’ll do anything within your means for your child.”

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