Cannabis And Yoga As Complementary Medicines

Two practices which are rapidly gaining traction for their medical benefits; cannabis use and yoga, have stirred up controversy recently for what some believe are their synergistic effects as complementary medicine. Called Ganja Yoga, 420 Remedy Yoga, or Cannabis-enhanced, a growing number of yoga instructors are more than accepting of medical marijuana patients; they are encouraging their students to partake in cannabis before and sometimes during class.

In Atwater Crossing, California, instructor Liz McDonald teaches 420 Remedy Yoga. In Toronto, Canada, instructor Dee Dussault offers cannabis-enhanced classes at Follow Your Bliss yoga, and instructor Lu offers ganja yoga at Toronto’s The House of Yoga. These are just the instructors making headlines, how many more must there be who avoid the spotlight? In states where cannabis has recently been decriminalized the potential for more synergistic pairings of the two practices is palpable.

Take Colorado for example. The state has been a long-time haven for yoga practitioners and conferences, it would be shocking not to find a few cannabis-enhanced yoga classes lighting up across the state. Each of these instructors have their own reasons for offering classes where cannabis use is accepted and welcome. All of them being experienced yoga instructors, some of which have been instructing yoga students under the influence of cannabis for years, believe in the validity of combining the two practices.

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