APA Adopts New Medical Marijuana Policies To Curb America’s Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The American Pharmaceutical Association (APA) gathered pharmacological  leaders representing all aspects of medicine during its Interim meeting and voted today to adopt new policies on emerging health care topics. In response to the White House Office of Drug Control Policy and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent classification of prescription drug abuse as an epidemic, the APA issued new guidelines in an attempt to reduce the skyrocketing national mortality rate from prescription medications.

The APA’s House of Delegates is the policy-making body at the center of American medicine, bringing together an inclusive group of physicians, medical students and residents representing every state and medical field. Delegates work in a democratic process to create a national pharmacological consensus on emerging issues in public health, science, ethics, business and government to continually provide safer, higher quality and more efficient care for patients and communities.

The policies adopted by the House of Delegates today include early adoption of medical marijuana as part of complete health care planning for patients in an effort to battle prescription drug overdose death rates higher than the nation has ever seen.

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