6 Year Old Charlotte Figi Uses Medical Marijuana To Help Treat Epilepsy, Seizures

Charlotte Figi is starting to have a life thanks to medical Marijuana.

COLORADO: When you think of the stereotypical medical marijuana user, Charlotte Figi may be the last person that comes to mind.That’s because Charlotte is 6 years old.

She also suffers from debilitating seizures as a result of a rare form of epilepsy, a condition that’s driven the family through just about every possible treatment, searching for some form of normalcy.

Desperate for options, Charlotte’s dad, Matt, told CNN they took her to a specialistwho recommended a highly specialized diet. That helped slightly, for awhile until “at one point she was outside eating pine cones and stuff, all kinds of different things,” Matt said. “As a parent you have to say, let’s take a step back and look at this. Is this truly beneficial treatment because of these other things?”

With no other choices, the family explored cannabis oil – an unconventional treatment, to say the least — but they told KDVR it worked immediately.

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