Yoga Class In San Francisco Adds Marijuana For Relaxation

CALIFORNIA:  In a small South of Market studio, yoga is practiced on, shall we say, a higher level.

As if doing child’s pose, or balasana, in a candlelit room with tranquil music wasn’t relaxing enough, Ganja Yoga adds cannabis to the experience as a way to help bring one’s practice to a state of heightened spiritual consciousness that may otherwise not be reached.

On a recent evening, instructor Dee Dussault talked her students through the various poses, encouraging them in a soothing voice how to breathe deeply through the diaphragm and, when the mood strikes them, to take a hit off a joint or vaporizer. “You can consume cannabis throughout your practice, as much or as little as you’d like,” said Dussault as she walked through the room, gently adjusting her students’ poses. The marijuana, she said, serves to relax her students, allowing them to reach a more spiritual state of mind.

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