Why This Mom Thinks Marijuana Edibles Killed Her Son

Luke Goodman, 22, shot and killed himself after eating a large amount of pot edibles, authorities say.

COLORADO:  The last time Kim Goodman saw her son alive, it was at a bus stop in central Colorado, and he flashed that toothy smile that she so loved about him.

The Oklahoma family was on a vacation in the Rockies. Her son, Luke, was about to make off on his own to go snowboarding with some of his cousins. She recalls a contented feeling as she saw him leave. They had just had a really long talk the night before, and he looked so full of life — tan, fit, fresh out of Oral Roberts University. Ready for anything.

Days later, he would be dead. Luke Goodman, 22, shot himself once while alone inside a bedroom at a ski resort in Keystone, Colo. That was Tuesday. And in the days since, the Tulsa mother has struggled to reconcile the vibrancy with which her son lived and the violence of his death. The pieces don’t fit: He was so happy when he left her. He loved athletics and was out snowboarding. He was with his cousins, people who loved him more than anything. How could this have happened?

Then her nephew, Christopher Fouler, who was with her son that day, told her. Things began to fall into place. She knew her son had smoked pot before. But he had never had any marijuana edibles, as far as she knew. On the day of the shooting, he had taken five pieces of marijuana candy — four peach tarts and one red velvet. “We are absolutely convinced it was the edibles that led to his death,” Kim Goodman told The Washington Post on Thursday.


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  1. Drew says

    Well…your absolutely wrong. Your son Killed himself because obviously he was depressed! People with anxiety and dpression problems hide their problems most by ACTING HAPPY! They dont let people see through their shell, and considering that he had a firearm with him, im guessing that he was planning it either way. Sooooo. Your wrong.

    • Ras Gabriel says

      Sorry for the loss but everything points towards depression and he was on a mission. The candy may have only numbed his body but the mind stays clear and plus he had and gun ( key word ). I have guns but never pack while snowboarding. Face it your son took his own life and it was not because of the Marijuana.

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