Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Colorado’s Marijuana Dispensaries

COLORADO:  Frustrated with its lack of relevance, the Westboro Baptist Church has latched onto America’s weed craze in an effort to regain some attention.

The extreme church will perform its traditional publicity stunt, with marijuana replacing gay marriage as the church’s enemy. On Monday, December 29, the church will picket and protest the existence of legal weed at dispensaries in Pueblo, Colorado (near the New Mexico Border).

You can expect to see signs claiming that “Marijuana is Sorcery” and “Weed Kills Babies” and whatever the creative but insane church comes up with. The hate group will be targeting Pueblo West Organics and Marisol Therapeutics, if you want to a) go and show your local support for weed or b) see what crazy looks like in person.


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