Weed World Vans Around NYC Are Selling Phony Marijuana Pops That Don’t Contain Pot

NEW YORK:  The only thing that’ll get you high at a Weed World Candies wagon is the exhaust fumes.

A fleet of flashy green vans and Hummers with Alabama plates has invaded the city, with vendors hawking lollipops they claim are made with pot.

“Weed!” the peddlers shout, sometimes with megaphones. “Stop by to get high!”

But the lollipops — which sell for $5 each or five for $20 — suck.

Smoking out a scam, NYPD officers “field-tested” the candy and found it contained no marijuana, officials told The Post.

“Maybe we can slap them with a charge of lying to the public,” a law-enforcement source said.

The bogus-buzz traffickers haven’t been busted for drug pushing or consumer fraud, but cops are cracking down on aggressive sales tactics. The outfit recruits “street teams and candy girls” to draw customers.

The 5th Precinct cops in Soho arrested three Weed World employees on July 30 on misdemeanor charges of selling goods without a vendor’s license. Cops also impounded a Weed World van parked at Prince Street and Broadway, with boxes of lollipops as evidence.

The city Health Department is also investigating. “A permit is required to sell any kind of food or drink in NYC. This vendor does not have a Health Department permit,” a spokeswoman said.

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