Washington Pot Sales Allay Some Anxiety

WASHINGTON:  I thought I’d tell you about my recent experience with shopping for marijuana in Washington State.

Earlier this summer, I vacationed in Portland, Oregon, to attend a wedding. Family and friends from across the states came to participate in the fun. One day, a few of us crossed the bridge that links Portland with Vancouver, Washington, to scope out the wedding site. As we drove through the scenic town, we happened to see a small shop with the name “Main Street Marijuana.” It suddenly dawned on us that Washington had just become the second state, after Colorado, to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. Legal sales had only started two weeks before our arrival.

A member of our party, who shall remain unnamed, asked if we could stop at the store so she could buy a couple of joints. She hadn’t smoked pot for over three decades. After raising four children and baby-sitting nine grandchildren, she was ready to relive her past as a ’60s flower child. How could we refuse her request?

After parking our car, we approached the store on foot. Just as we arrived, a young man was putting up a “closed” sign. It was only 11:00 in the morning. I asked him why he was closing so early. He told us that he was closing in protest to the high prices legal marijuana growers were charging for their crop. The growers were squeezing out the profit for the sellers.


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