Valentine's Day Special: Marijuana Sex Advice

In the first article in this sex and marijuana series, I explained that my goal is to help you use marijuana to enhance your sexual pleasure and relationships.

I noted that my sexual life—including sex while high and sex without marijuana—had not been particularly interesting or satisfying. But then I learned how to use marijuana extracts as an aphrodisiac and female form of non-pharmaceutical Viagra, and it turned me into someone who now writes about sex online!

After I read about the marijuana Viagra method, I followed the instructions by putting a quarter gram of high-quality, very clean medical marijuana extract inside my vagina.

In about 20 minutes I felt like somebody had poured a pleasant liquid fire into my crotch, a fire that lit my whole body aflame. This was a pure sexual high…way way different than any marijuana high I’d ever had.

When you smoke or vape marijuana, THC and other compounds go into your blood through your lungs, and then on to the rest of your body. When you eat marijuana, it goes through your digestive system and is changed by your liver into a different form of THC…so you get a different high.


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