Top Medellin Cartel Drug Pilot Roger Reaves, Releases His Memoir “Smuggler.”

CALIFORNIA: Roger Reaves grew up a poor farm boy who went from making ‘Moonshine’ to becoming one of the most prolific smugglers of the 20th century.  He covered six continents; transporting 20 ton shiploads of hash, tons of cocaine, and completed more than one-hundred sorties across the US. Border with plane loads of marijuana.

Read more about how he escaped from prison on five separate occasions, was shot down in both Mexico and Colombia, and tortured in a Mexican prison.

His friends and associates spanned the globe, from Medellin Cartel kingpins Jorge Ochoa and Pablo Escobar, to “Mr. Nice,”Howard Marks, and Barry Seal who was Roger’s close friend and employee.

He hired ex-CIA agent Barry Seal, a friend of Bill Clinton to fly the Arkansas route of his operation. Reaves flew the southern Colombian end and liaised directly with Pablo Escobar and Jorge Ochoa.

  • Seal flew multi-ton loads of cocaine into Mena and departed loaded with CIA guns destined for Oliver North and the Nicaraguan Contras.
  • Seal was indicted and became an informant for the DEA.
  • During these events Reaves took his Family and fled to Brazil.
  • Seal was assassinated.

Reaves’ memoir rehashes a troubling period in American political history. His personal direct experiences recounted in his book, add weight to the vast amount of evidence already in existence that the highest levels of the US. Government were directly involved in the transport and distribution of hundreds of tons of cocaine to fund a war no one in the American Congress wanted.

Tom Cruise is playing the part of Barry Seal in “Mena,” a major motion picture to debut in January 2017…. after the election.

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