The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Launches “Fried Egg 2016” Campaign

NEW YORK: The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, a national nonprofit committed to helping families struggling with their son or daughter’s substance use, launched a campaign that illustrates the evolution of the drug landscape, including the challenging questions parents get asked by their kids. The new campaign breaks today and features a :30 TV ad and a :30 radio spot that were created by Campbell Ewald, an advertising agency with offices in DetroitLos Angeles and New York. The campaign also includes a print ad and online banner ads created by BFG Communications, an agency headquartered in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with offices in New York and Atlanta. The TV spot was directed by Janusz Kaminski, who has won numerous awards, including two Oscars (“Schindler’s List,” “Saving Private Ryan”) and for the past two decades has worked as Steven Spielberg’s cinematographer on most of his films. All creative for the new campaign was developed and produced entirely pro bono by all agency and production partners.

The “Fried Egg 2016” TV PSA (public service announcement) features a voiceover from Emmy-Award winning actress Allison Janney, who not only portrays a mother in recovery on the CBS sitcom, “Mom,” but whose own brother struggled with substance abuse for many years before he ultimately lost his battle with addiction and depression.

“‘Fried Egg 2016″ is a nod to the Partnership’s iconic TV spot from the 1980s, but is re-envisioned to reflect parenting today and the change in perceptions and awareness about drug use,” said Rebecca Shaw, Director of Advertising and Production for the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. “The new campaign focuses on the litany of drug questions that parents face from their teens, and it also shows how the Partnership has evolved to meet the needs of families. We understand just how difficult this subject can be for parents who are facing it head on and we’re here with answers, help and guidance.”

The new TV spot opens with familiar imagery, an egg being cracked open on a cast iron frying pan, as the sound of hot butter sizzles. Then the voiceover says, “This is your brain. This is drugs. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” It transitions to a series of kids asking parents questions about substance abuse in rapid succession. “Um yeah, I have questions,” says one teen. “Prescription drugs aren’t as bad as street drugs, right?” says another. “Weed’s legal, isn’t it?” The tension continues building in the spot with each question. “Why is heroin so addictive?” “Dad, did you ever try drugs?” The PSA then closes with a voiceover from actress Allison Janney: “They’re going to ask. Be ready. Go to”


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