The Different Ways To Dab Concentrates

Dabbing is a slang term that means different things for different people. Some may refer to it as the dance but among cannabis users, it refers to vaping cannabis concentrates. There are several dabbing tools available on the market, and the number is rapidly increasing.

For most beginners who just ditched the conventional smoking method, the concept of dabbing might seem overwhelming at first. But to ensure your first attempt at dabbing is a smooth process, this guide will expose you to the various dabbing tools and the different ways to dab your cannabis concentrates.

The most popular are dab rigs because of their intensity. When wax was first discovered, people would put the concentrate on their flower herbs and smoke it. They quickly found out this isn’t the proper way. Although it melts and turns into smoke, there were better ways to do this. Usually, the hotter the heat, the better it is for smoking wax. However, there’s a limit to the temperature you want it to get too. You can create Benzene from high heat dabbing if you’re not careful.

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4 Different Ways To Smoke Your Wax

Oil Rig

An oil rig, commonly known as a dab rig is a water pipe designed for dabbing concentrates. It is the most widely used way of consuming wax concentrates. It heats your cannabis extracts by using hot dabs nails. When you dab from a rig, you may be smoking an entire blunt unknowingly. Hence, it is a suitable dabbing method for those who know the stunts. And not for a newbie in the dabbing world.

As you use your dab rig to dab your favorite concentrate, it’s vital to ensure it is clean before using it. Its longevity depends on how often you clean and maintains it. It is easy to clean, especially when you use a glass cleaner.

Oil Rige-Nail

E-nails are electronic nails, and they have been around in the vaping industry for some years now. It wasn’t popular until recently when dabbers can now get them at fair prices. e-Nails give you full control over your dabbing temperature as they come with a controller box. This helps to deliver the heat to the coil. You can easily manipulate the temperature of your e-nail and regulate it just with the touch of a button. That is the biggest difference between a dab rig and an enail. A dab rig uses a torch to heat it up and therefore won’t give you an accurate temperature.

Dab Pen

This is the most convenient way to consume your cannabis concentrates. It’s a portable electronic device that uses a small unit to turn your wax into vapor. Dab pens come in different capacity and grades. They come with batteries and coils. These coils could be ceramic, titanium or quartz.

They are very user-friendly, easy to use and maintain as well. With the dab pen, you can forget about your dab torch and your dab rig. All you will need is just your dab pen and concentrates. Some dabbers still prefer the dab rig or nectar collector because it produces a smoother hit and best vapor taste than the dab pen.

For your dab pen to last long, you have to ensure that you properly maintain it. Remove any wax leftover around the atomizer and clean it thoroughly. It’s best to vape everything on the wax coil before you dab anymore.

Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are the newest way of enjoying waxes. A nectar collector is like a dab rig compressed in one portable device. It uses a tip, usually made of titanium or quartz that is heated and dipped inside the concentrate. Once you use the hot tip to touch your concentrates, it melts the wax instantly to produce smoke. Most nectar collectors have water chamber system where you can pour water into before dabbing your concentrates.

The water chamber acts as a filtration system that removes toxins from the vapor. It also helps to cool the vapor before getting to the mouthpiece.

To clean your nectar collector, remove the mouthpiece and the tip, then soak them inside isopropyl alcohol. Remove and soak again with hot water, then rinse and allow to dry.


What Are Wax Concentrates?

Wax concentrates are a highly concentrated form of marijuana with a color that is around the yellow spectrum. It’s a sticky substance that resembles a syrup and can hold its shape when placed on a flat surface. Waxes are derived from cannabis plants with a higher concentration of THC than the regular buds. Since it is a higher level of smoking marijuana, most people that get accustomed to smoking wax concentrates because of its taste and potency.

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Types of Wax Concentrates

You can find many different types of cannabis concentrates on the market today. Some of them include:


Shatter or glass is known to be the purest and cleanest form of cannabis extracts. Shatter concentrates are lightly colored with glassy transparency, which makes it clear.


Rosin is a shatter-like product (solventless shatter) with translucent color and sappy texture. Rosins are produced by pressing dry cannabis flower or kief between two heated surfaces with lots of pressure.


Although we sometimes refer to concentrates as wax, there is one type of sticky cannabis extract that is known as wax. This type of concentrate looks like beeswax and suitable for oil rig (you can still use it for other methods of dabbing).

Cannabis CO2 oil concentrateOil

Cannabis oil is usually made using butane or Co2, and it comes with a runny texture just like a typical oil.

Live resin

Live resin is extracted from live plants, and it contains more terpene than other cannabis concentrates. Unlike other extracts that are from dry plants, Live resin is made from living plants to give a special flavorful cannabis extract, which tastes better than some other concentrates.


This type of cannabis extract is like oil but differs in texture. While oils have a runny consistency, budder has an opaque taffy texture.