Seattle’s Best Edibles 2014

WASHINGTON:  While Washington State continues to roll out regulations governing legal cannabis, edibles makers are getting prepared, lab testing, researching and experimenting with dosage, flavors and new ideas for fantastic infused products. Under the new regulations developed by the Liquor Control Board, infused hard candies, gummies and lollipops will not be allowed, since these could be appealing to children. However, baked goods, chocolates, drinks and savory products can win approval after edibles-makers submit photos of the packaging to state regulators, agree to a facility inspection and lab testing of their products before they hit store shelves.

Many of the products entered into the third annual HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup held in Washington State would have made regulators proud, as companies vying for new customers have adapted their edible items to different tastes and dosage needs. U.S. Cup entries are open to any adult 21 years of age or older, while Medical Cup categories are reserved for medical marijuana providers and caregivers.

As always with edibles, look for an appropriate dosage in a satisfying portion size. If you are suffering from chronic pain and can tolerate a high dose, search out cannabis capsules or medical edible products with high dosages. If you are a curious newcomer to the scene, start small with a truffle containing only 10 milligrams of THC. Wait at least one hour before consuming any more cannabis-infused foods, since the effects need to be processed through your digestive system and can take some time.


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