Rick Steves On Washington’s Marijuana Law One Year Later: ‘We’re Able To Be Taken Seriously’

WASHINGTON: Travel guru Rick Steves was among the region’s business leaders who fought hard for the legalization of recreational pot.

When I sat down with him recently, I asked him to look back on his hard-fought victory of Initiative-502 and how Washington state has done in the year since. That anniversary is the subject of PSBJ reporter Sarah Aitchison‘s cover story this week. I asked Steves if he thought the state had gotten it right.

“There’s no way we could get it right,” said Steves, who runs Rick Steves‘ Europe Through the Back Door in Edmonds. “No political entity has ever done what Washington state did. And that’s not decriminalize it. We legalized, taxed and regulated it.”

So he insists, “The question isn’t, ‘Did we get it right?’ The question is, ‘Did we break the ice?'”

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