Pot Poll: Louisianans Favor Legalizing Marijuana, Reduced Sentences

LOUISIANA: Legalizing marijuana got a new puff of support in New Orleans and Louisiana this week.

A poll conducted by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling revealed that 53 percent of Bayou State voters are in favor of weed no longer being a bad seed. In the New Orleans metro area, 54 percent of respondents supported decriminalized marijuana laws similar to those recently passed in Washington and Colorado.

The poll surveyed 636 Louisiana voters on July 31 and August 1. Respondents were asked whether they favored decriminalizing marijuana for people older than 21. The question also said marijuana would be taxed and regulated more strictly than alcohol.

Another question asked voters whether they were in favor of allowing medical marijuana to be obtained via prescription for people who are “seriously or terminally ill.” To that question, 65 percent of statewide respondents said they were in favor, while 70 percent of New Orleans metro area respondents signified support.

The poll also asked about Louisiana’s sentencing for marijuana possession, which has been deemed notably harsh in comparison to other states. According to PPP, 65 percent of New Orleans respondents opposed long prison terms for possession, while 72 percent opposed a life sentence without parole for a felon convicted of a marijuana offense.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents favored a change in the law that would lighten the sentence for those caught with less than an ounce of weed to a $100 fine.

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