Posters Claim Marijuana Shop Opening In Iowa, Property Owners Say No

Iowa Marijuana Company posters says it will be opening in Cedar Rapids or in Iowa City.

IOWA:  Pictures came into our newsroom, showing Iowa Marijuana Company posters at a Cedar Rapids building, but when we checked it out, they were gone.

“One of our former employees said ‘have you seen the signs on the front of your building,’” said John Wasta, one of the building’s owners.

The building’s owners took the signs down saying there’s no truth to the rumor. They kept one of the posters, laughing at the situation.

We reached out to the manager listed online, who emailed us:

“I will be the acting manager of the impending Iowa Marijuana Company. We are not at large to discuss the legalities at the moment but we have been assured by many in the government, including the governor, that we will receive our license. Our suppliers are based out of Denver currently. Give me a call when you get a chance.”


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