Playing Catch-Up On The Science Of Marijuana

COLORADO:  The case was as sad and as tragic as we’ve seen in metro Denver in recent memory.

A man, supposedly stoned on marijuana-infused candy, flipped out and killed his wife with a gunshot to the head while their three children were in their Observatory Park house. Or so the story goes.

Yet, recent court testimony from cops was that Richard Kirk had “low” THC levels, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, when tested five hours after the shooting. How in the world does that square with a guy who was said to be hallucinating and subsequently asked his 7-year-old son to kill him?

If it was alcohol at work, there would be loads of research to call upon that could explain human behavior associated with its use. Unfortunately, that is not the case with marijuana.

The paucity of research — good, scientifically valid research — is a problem that will only get worse unless the federal government eases regulations constricting research, much the same way it loosened restrictions on the banking industry and how it handled money generated from marijuana businesses.


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