Nigerian Actress Tonto Denies Writing Marijuana Tweet

NIGERIA: Fear may have gripped controversial actress, Tonto Charity Dikeh after the NDLEA reportedly threatened to investigate her posts online on Thursday and possibly throw her in jail for at least 5 years for allegedly encouraging or using the banned narcotic.

Apparently worried by the reactions the post and the NDLEA reported investigation created, the actress denied the post and claimed that a fan wrote the post and not her.

Tonto said, “A fan wrote the words with herbs on my birthday, and i replied: ‘thank you teampoko’. Now, how does someone else’s action become my crime?

“If I said those words (‘Mi smoke gaja mi smoke wee while my haters smoke ma gossip’), I will stand by them but I didn’t. Just because it is convenient for people to believe the lies still doesn’t make it the truth.

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