New Michigan Poll Shows 51 Percent Support Legalization Of Marijuana

MICHIGAN:  The stronger support comes from Democrats and voters younger than 40. Republicans and voters 40 or older oppose it.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to support legalizing marijuana.

“It’s becoming more acceptable at this point in time, especially among younger voters,” said Tom Shield with Marketing Resource Group. “As younger voters become older, then they start becoming their own regular voters and what we’re seeing is a gradual shift.”

And Mid-Michigan has some of the strongest supporters.

“Just behind those people who live in suburban Wayne county, 55 percent of voters in Mid Michigan support the polls only 42 percent oppose,” said Shields.

Numbers supporting the legalization of Marijuana has increased from 30 percent in the past to 51 percent of voters now.
Some younger voters tell say while they’re open to the legalization, they’re more focused on the decriminalization of Marijuana.


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