Mile 'High' Denver Gets No NBA Pot Pass

COLORADO:  It was, as the Denver Post put it, “a historic swirl of commerce and cannabis” this past week in Colorado, as the nation’s first legal sales of recreational marijuana began.

To a degree, the Miami Heat couldn’t help but get caught up in that swirl (but not the smoke). First, because they were involved in the last game in Denver when marijuana sales still were illegal, and second, because two members of the team also are officers in the National Basketball Players Association.

For now, and for the foreseeable future, the NBA will continue to stand for NoBodyAllowed when it comes to partaking in Colorado’s newest participant sport, with the collective-bargaining agreement calling for mandatory testing and penalties for usage.

“Nothing,” a league spokesman said, “has changed.”

But the CBA also is constructed as a living document, one that includes a clause to include additions to the list of banned substances. A tradeoff of marijuana for performance-enhancing substances certainly could be within the realm of future interpretations.

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