Medical Cannabis Education: The Healing Power of Knowledge Comes To TV

Kerri Accardi started AK Ventures in memory of her Aunt Kathy.

CALIFORNIA - AK Ventures, a social purpose corporation servicing the cannabis industry, has announced its latest media project, ”Medical Cannabis: The Healing Power of Knowledge”, a 30-minute series that the company intends to distribute via the major television broadcast networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox.

According to company founder Kerri Accardi, the show is intended to inform and educate mainstream TV viewers on cannabis, cannabis healing, and the emerging cannabis industry as a whole.   Featuring interviews with interesting guests, topical discussions, politics, investigative journalism, health and sports medicine, planned segments will include cannabis industry notables Dr. Sue Sisley, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, nurses Heather Manus, Marcie Cooper, Juhlzie Monteiro of Cannabis Nurses Magazine; attorneys Ken Sobel and Michael Minardi; botany expert and founder of the nonprofit Haleigh’s Hope Jason Cranford; business pioneers Chloe Villano, Cloverleaf University; MJBA founder David Rheins, and Vivian McPeak, founder Seattle Hempfest, “the longest running protestival in the world.”

“We will learn from Veterans Roger Martin and Michael Kravitz and their work on PTSD, The Silver Tour’s Robert Platshorn and his expertise on senior’s health and cannabis,” Accardi said.  “The audience is also introduced to the emotional story of 15 year old medical refugee and Crohn’s survivor / thriver Coltyn Turner and his family.  There will be surprise celebrity and athlete appearances as they stop by to show their support for cannabis education.  The airwaves have never seen anything like this.”

Accardi, founded AK Ventures in the memory of her much loved aunt, who died in 2013.  “We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to share this information and education in a fun filled, visually appealing, entertaining way with the support of mainstream media.”

As point of clarification, CBS is not producing or sponsoring this project.  It is AK Ventures that is producing the program and is seeking sponsors to fund the purchase of the airtime across multiple markets in the country.

The opportunity that AK Ventures has created for the cannabis community truly is unprecedented. In Accardi’s words,  “We are creating her-story in history!  We are proud to announce Lelehnia DuBois, founder of Humboldt Grace and Michael O’Malley, Curved Papers for becoming a first- to – market sponsor to support the end of prohibition.”

AK Ventures is offering ethical cannabis related and other supportive companies the historic opportunity to be a part of it, giving them the chance to help support cannabis education in North America.   Sponsors will be integrated throughout the programming.


  1. John Gibson says

    We have a HUGE problem in WA State – WASLCB in collusion with I-502 retail marijuana stores and WA State legislature are closing our medical marijuana dispensaries and forcing at-risk patients to buy their medicine at retail store with it’s 200+ approved pesticides without warning labels. We have cancer patients, HIV/AIDS victims,, children, elderly, disabled, economically disadvantaged patients, etc. whose Doctors are authorizing them to use organic, specific need medicine not available at I-502 recreational stores, and Seattle Times, News Tribune etc have released info that most of the testing on the recreational weed has been falsified to cover up toxins. Can you please do your own investigation on this. We are desperate for help up here. Thank you – John Gibson Seattle

  2. says

    Discussion of alternative ideas is always good. The T-Shirt shown should have the slogan revised to “Pure marijuana is safer than most pharma” Cannabis contaminated with pesticides or Class 1 solvents is not safe. Not all pharma drugs are unsafe. I’ve worked in the pharma industry for 25 years and believe that Cannabis has many useful medicinal properties. But the Cannabis industry needs experienced medical and pharmaceutical industry professionals like myself if it wants to compete with pharma..

  3. says

    Hey Kerri,

    Just so you know I am the only board certified advanced holistic and integrative public health nurse coach in the country integrating cannabis science into nursing practice. I have presented in Iceland, given workshops in Denmark on oil making and have worked with Epilepsy moms in Nebraska on Medical Cannabis legislation. I hope you look to mainstream nurses like myself, educated in the evidence base, board certified and presenting at International conferences while working on cannabis research and the public health aspects of cannabis. ACNA does not represent ALL voices of nursing in Cannabis and as a matter of fact do not represent nurses of color or populations so greatly effected by the social political consequences of choosing cannabis medicine. In my humble opinion, patients are not getting the benefit of educated providers or the full range of nursing professionalism by focusing on ACNA nurses. Patients choosing to integrate cannabis medicine are made vulnerable on multiple levels and as a society we have a moral obligation to provide them with the full range of educated providers and all available treatment options as they face life threatening and life debilitating disease. Hopefully you will endeavor to seek expertise befitting the gravity of this global public health problem of a tertiary prevention public health population left without the benefit of highly educated nurses.

    • Christine Taraskiewicz says

      Thank you for your feedback. I trust that this venture will reach out to more medically trained, experienced nurses like you. I wish there was a large magnet to seek you all out quickly and easily. We need you. Thank you for your work.

  4. says

    Hopefully this program will show the many sides of Cannabis, it’s users and and the industry that provides us with Marijuana in all the various forms it comes in now.
    I pray that with education there will be the much needed medical studies done. I believe we have only begun to scratch the surface of what this truly miraculous plant can do. I think we will all be surprised.
    I look forward to watching!

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