Marijuana Treasure Hunters Scour High Park

CANADA:  There’s weed in them thar hills, you might say, and at high noon the hunt was on.

Seekers of hidden treasure fanned out across High Park on Sunday — an assortment of marijuana enthusiasts and medicinal users who scuttled through bushes and checked under garbage bins in search of their promised bounty.

To keep things legal, there weren’t actually bundles of drugs hidden in the west end green space. Instead, hundreds of coupons were tucked away, redeemable for $25,000 worth of free bongs, pipes, rolling papers, vaporizers and discounted weed, the latter available only for people with valid prescriptions, according to organizers from the Marijuana Info Bureau.

It was almost too good to be true for Barry Bellows. The 37-year-old raced down to the park on his bike after hearing about the second annual Marijuana Treasure Hunt on the morning news. He found 30 prize vouchers within an hour.


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