Marijuana Legalization As Viewed From The Trenches Of Youth: Karina Baffa

OHIO:  As a recent high school graduate, I have seen the short- and long-term effects of marijuana from all aspects of my life. I believe that the opinions and viewpoints of our younger generation are vital when it comes to the decision to legalize marijuana.

Even though this drug has positive medical uses and effects, it is still a mind-altering drug that needs to be legally regulated and used responsibly when utilized for recreational purposes.

As a member of society, I believe the legalization of marijuana would implement a plethora of health and economic benefits. Studies portray a decrease in violence and aggressive behavior after someone smokes marijuana, as opposed to people intoxicated with alcohol, who can sometimes get violent and make poor decisions, causing thousands of deaths per year. The fact that marijuana is currently prescribed in 23 states for medical purposes validates that the medical world has approved and accepted the drug. In addition to health benefits, the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado is already bringing in more than $30 million of taxable revenue a month.


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