Marijuana For Pets: The Good, The Bad, The Legal Status

NEVADA:  The issue of legalizing marijuana is in itself a touchy subject, what with some arguing that this weed is nothing but a gateway drug sure to lead guys and gals down the path of a life of risks and crime, and others supporting its use either for recreational or for medical purposes.

Seeing how we’re still debating whether or not we like marijuana for people, it should come as no surprise that Nevada senator Tick Segerblom’s bill proposing that this drug be made legal for pets grabbed headlines just minutes after having been introduced.

If eventually signed into law, the bill that senator Tick Segerblom forwarded this past Tuesday would not legalize marijuana for all pets, be they mammals, reptiles, birds or arachnids. Instead, it would only make the drug legal for sick pets.

The idea is that, since marijuana is known to benefit cancer patients and folks diagnosed with other serious conditions, it makes sense to also make it available for pets that are sick and in pain and that have failed to respond to whatever treatments their vet prescribed them.

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