Legalizing Marijuana Does Not Mean the U.S. Would Lose Ground to China

NEW YORK: The legalization of marijuana, effective New Year’s Day in Colorado and Washington, has divided American journalists, who seemed to spend much of the last three days re-litigating the subject.

On Thursday, The New York Times‘ David Brooks wrote a column disclosing his youthful use of the drug and why, as a result, he opposes legalizing marijuana, while the very same day Ruth Marcus wrote practically the same piece in The Washington Post.

These two articles then triggered a pushback from writers like Slate’s Dave Weigel and Reason’Matt Welch, who argued that Brooks and Marcus (among other legalization opponents) failed to consider the costs of prohibition.

But perhaps the strangest anti-legalization comment came from former Daily Beast editor Tina Brown, who tweeted:

…legal weed contributes to us being a fatter, dumber, sleepier nation even less able to compete with the Chinese

Brown’s tweet contains some questionable assumptions. One, that legalized marijuana will worsen America’s obesity problem and make the country stupider and sleepier, presumably because high people tend to get the munchies, act like idiots, and fall asleep on the sofa. And two, the United States will lose ground to China, which has no plans to adjust its strict prohibition of marijuana.

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