Israeli Rabbi: Medical Marijuana Is Definitely Kosher

ISRAEL: While pork may not be condoned by Orthodox rabbis, at least one has given the green light to cannabis. Israeli Rabbi Efraim Zalmanovich has confirmed that, in his holy scripture, consumption of cannabis medically is by all means “Kosher.”

In fact, this rabbi (an Orthodox and the most conservative type of Jewish Rabbis) went so far as to call medical marijuana a “Mitzvah,” proving that even this world’s most devout religious leaders realize the plant’s powers transcend religion. Zalmanovich told The Times Of Israel that while pot shouldn’t be abused recreationally, he states that the 11,000 Israelites smoking medical marijuana are well within the boundaries of religion.

While weed might not be “specifically” mentioned in the Bible or the 10 Commandments, Zalmanovich is by no means the first Rabbi or Jew to outwardly support medical marijuana. And it’s becoming clear that clergy-men have bigger thoughts on their mind than a plant subliminally extolled in Genesis.

Like people coveting their neighbor’s wives.