In Case You Missed It, This New Marijuana Study Has A Smoking Revelation

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  Regardless of which president takes office in two more years, one thing is becoming clear: Marijuana is increasingly becoming a part of American consumers’ agenda.

Over the past decade, the public’s opinion surrounding whether or not marijuana should be legalized has done a complete 180. Just one in four respondents in a Gallup poll would have been in favor of marijuana’s legalization just a decade ago. As of 2013, this figure had jumped to 58%, signaling that many view the drug more favorably for a number of reasons.

For starters, there’s the belief that marijuana possesses medical properties that could be beneficial in treating certain diseases. This is the primary reason we’ve witnessed 23 states legalize marijuana for medical purposes since 1996. Florida tried to become the 24th state in this past election, but it fell 2% shy of the 60% needed to officially pass the amendment and change Florida’s constitution.

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