I Like to Smoke

I like to smoke marijuana.

I do not smoke cigarettes, because I don’t like the smell, but I don’t condemn because my daughter smokes. I am tired of drinking, I don’t like how I feel anymore with booze on board.
I have learned through experimentation that weed works wonders on nausea from chemotherapy Been there, done that. It even helps with after chemo nausea. Mine hasn’t gone away yet.  I would like to have access to marijuana, but can’t because it is illegal in this state.
I am 63. Why shouldn’t I have a choice? It has to be such a secret! I can’t afford to move to a state where it is legal, I have a business. There are numerous people in this town who smoke weed. They are responsible adults, but they have to keep it a secret. If everyone who smoked weed in this town were to come forward, I would put money on the fact there are more smokers than nonsmokers.
Everyone has a different source, how silly. We should be able to buy from the same source and pay tax. Our state would love the infusion of money. We finally got the lottery!  We were the first state to give women the right to vote and one of the last states to outlaw prostitution, so we are in a forward moving state. I know some of our politicians smoke weed.
I went to Seattle last year and did not see a single lunatic, crazy from smoking weed. I was pleasantly surprised when people were smoking in public, discreetly, too. I learned quite a lot while I was there. It certainly gave me a different perspective!
I decided to “bite the bullet” and ask my neighbor what he thought of marijuana in Wyoming. He is a 75 year old, single, potbellied, retired government professional. He definitely likes his beer, he is friendly, and a nice guy. His response was really surprising to me, because I had him pegged for the “straight arrow” type. So, I asked him if he would use marijuana if it were legal.
His response, “Sure! I certainly wouldn’t drink so much! The med thing is a big issue. It is stupid to try and stop it. People are going to use it. I think it is a huge waste of state money for incarceration, it screws up the lives of productive citizens after incarceration. Alcohol messes you up a lot more.  How about the money taxes and permits would generate!? That money could be used to help alcoholism!”
He laughed and we started onto something else. What you can find out by asking!
My daughter and grandson know I smoke when I can find it, because we are a close family.  I just don’t want trouble, so I am afraid to ask anyone. Pretty stupid. My 22 year old grandson thinks it is “ridiculous” and “stupid people use it”. He tried it while he was living in North Dakota, and didn’t like it. I am damn happy about that! Leave it for the older generation.  He just says “Grandma, you are old, you should do what you want”  My daughter is against it, and she frowns at me as much as I frown on her smoking.  At least mine isn’t laced with arsenic.
Are there as many side effects with marijuana as there are with cigarettes?
Think about it.


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