I Grew Cannabis Because I Thought The End Of The World Was Nigh', Court Told

UNITED KINGDOM: Sincere belief that the world was going to end led Katarzyna Dryden-Chouen to grow large amounts of cannabis in her Littledean home, a court heard today.

The Polish-born 46-year-old and her husband Clive, 59, are alleged to have had a house full of cannabis plants with intent to supply the drug.

But Gloucester Crown Court heard that when questioned by police Mrs Dryden-Chouen told officers she had never sold cannabis or given it away.

“It was for my own use, not for commercial use,” she said. “I thought I could use it for medicinal reasons. If I’d had access to pure alcohol I had the idea of making an oil with it.

“I was intending to create a homa (a sacrificial fire) for a ceremony on December 21 when it was my sincere belief that the whole world would be coming to an end. This is why there was a significant amount of cannabis in my house at the time of my arrest.”

In an earlier interview she said she would burn the cannabis in honour of Hindu goddess Shiva.

She also told police that she has a mouse which speaks to her.

The prosecution allege Mrs Dryden-Chouen and her husband, of Church Street, Littledean, together with her stepson Ashley Chouings, 32, of Glastonbury, were all involved with having cannabis with intent to supply.

Almost £13,000 in cash was found in the house and the prosecution allege that £277,000 which passed through the couple’s hands was the proceeds of drug dealing. In her interview Mrs Dryden-Chouen said she was not worldly enough to be concerned about money.

“My life brings what I need,” stated Mrs Dryden-Chouen, who told the police she spends most of her life meditating.

“I grow vegetables and look after the house,” she stated. “Our outgoings are very minimal. I don’t take anything from the universe other than what I need, all I absolutely need.”



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