How To Choose The Right Kind Of Legal Marijuana For You

By Nancy Fernandez

Legal marijuana marketplaces are opening across the country, introducing a wide variety of strains and infused-products, all carrying individual effects and benefits. The balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC changes the high and medicinal effects of cannabis. There is no single plant which produces an identical effect. Instead, each strain carries its own distinct characteristics. From the mellowing stoned of a good Indica to the energetic mood-brightening buzz of a strong Sativa, marijuana is diverse.

Medicinal marijuana is cultivated to meet patient needs and preferences. Here’s a look at how to choose the right kind of legal marijuana for you, so that you make an informed decision when buying or growing your bud.

Most Common Uses of Medical Marijuana

Usage statistics show that certain conditions are treated far more frequently than others. The medical marijuana registries of Colorado, Minnesota and Rhode Island reflect the following conditions to be the most commonly treated during 2018:

  • Chronic / Severe Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Cancer

Seizures, glaucoma, AIDS, muscle spasms and cachexia also feature as common treatments, but each makes up less than 2% of patients treated. Using these statistics as a guideline, one can see where the demand lies. Fortunately, almost all medical marijuana treats a broad spectrum of symptoms. While it is true that different cannabis induces different effects, any marijuana or marijuana-based treatment will relieve pain, reduce nausea, and help you deal with anxiety, depression, and stress. After all, 94% of all patients receiving treatment for pain agree that the intensity of their symptoms reduced drastically. Marijuana’s benefits cover a broad range of symptoms no matter which type you opt for.

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Your Medical Marijuana Options

Marijuana strains are classified according to the effects which they work the best at promoting or alleviating. Each plant, whether its hybrid, Indica or Sativa, will produce a unique combination of effects. Although cannabis is a complex plant, most users find that two basic choices emerge. Regardless of your symptoms, patients typically use one type of medical marijuana or alternate between two. Indica-dominant strains promote a sedative effect although delivering outstanding nausea & pain relief. Sativa-dominant strains promote an energizing effect & are great for combating depression. While keeping you productive they also grant a good mood and relief from pain & inflammation. Let’s take a closer look at your options.

Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief & Energy

Most often, medical marijuana manages and mitigates pain. Many potent strains are available to help sufferers overcome their burden. Patients get to decide between a range of stress relieving strains. Certain cannabis gives you the energy you need to stay productive, and others put you in a calm, relaxed mood. Sativa-dominant Sour Diesel is a perfect example of a strain which melts away stress. Thanks to its cerebral high, it provides pain relief to the whole body while elevating your mood. Finding diesel seeds rewards you with a plant which needs a lot of space. Its lemony-scent is quite strong so growers will need good ventilation. Sour Diesel is a very versatile strain. Aside from its excellent pain relief, it is also a great treatment for anxiety and depression. Recreational users also enjoy the high, thanks to how its intensity is comparable to NYC Diesel.

Medical Marijuana for Nausea & Sedation

Another key use for medical marijuana is to ease severe nausea. Patients are looking for cannabis which relaxes while slowing the mind and body, for example, Black Diamond Strain. Strong Indica-derivatives and intense CBD concentrates all promote sleep and nausea relief.  Darkside OG is a great treatment for nausea, and can be found at all leading marijuana dispensaries. As a prime Indica, it helps patients by providing powerful antiemetic effects. Those battling nausea will also love the way that it promotes a healthy appetite. Insomnia and stress-related nausea are also brought under control thanks to its balance. The buds given to the patients are with an earthy yet fragrant aroma. Carrying a scent similar to skunk but with hints of lemon, it is highly recommended before bed.

Cannabis Cultivation – Constantly Expanding

Between these two strains, you can see just how vast medical marijuana’s range of treatment is. According to Fortune cannabis industry will grow by as much as 220% in 2019 alone. We have already seen steady growth across both recreational and medical marijuana. With more and more patients seeking treatment, it is important to stay aware of buying trends and demand. Growers find opportunities for hybrids with medicinal effects targeted to a specific range of effects. Patients receive the benefit of a wider range of treatments to pick from. Whether you’re growing or looking for smoke-able buds, strains can always be found matched to your individual needs.

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