Here’s What Is On Our Weed Reading List

Sometimes we like to power down the iPad, find a nice quiet spot and settle down with a good book.  Perusing our local Seattle Public Library, we compiled the following list of some highly-recommended books about our beloved cannabis, we’re calling our “Weed Reading List.”

Big Weed

An Entrepreneur’s High-stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business 

By Hageseth, Christian Book – 2015 


What Were We Just Talking About? 

(Series: Philosophy for Everyone) Book – 2010 


By Duvall, Chris S. Book – 2015 

Cannabis Pharmacy 

The Practical Guide to Medicinal Marijuana 

By Backes, Michael Book – 2014 

Cash Crop 

An American Dream 

By Raphael, Ray Book – 1985 

Chasing the Scream

The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs 

By Hari, Johann Book – 2015 

Heart of Dankness 

Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers, and the Race for the Cannabis Cup 

By Smith, Mark Haskell Book – 2012 

Medical Cannabis Guidebook 

The Definitive Guide to Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana 

By Ditchfield, Jeff Book – 2014

Smoke Signals 

A Social History of Marijuana : Medical, Recreational, and Scientific 

By Lee, Martin A. Book – 2012 

Too High to Fail

Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution 

By Fine, Doug Book – 2012 

Weed the People

The Future of Legal Marijuana in America 

By Barcott, Bruce Book – 2015