Gainesville was once well-known for its marijuana

FLORIDA: Flashback to the 1970s.

Gainesville Green was the primo high, putting that cheap Mexican and Jamaican weed to shame.

Pot wasn’t just for long-haired hippies — farmers grew it to make some extra cash.

The annual Hempfest events in downtown Gainesville drew thousands, many of whom scrambled for joints in the doobie toss.

Subterranean Circus off West University Avenue was the top head shop and a compound of houses off Southwest Fourth Street was called Fort Ganga.

Given Gainesville’s history with marijuana, it should be no surprise that a novel proposal to dock funding for the Sheriff’s Office for each arrest for a small amount of pot should sprout here.

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  1. jimi says

    time to treat the issue of medicinal cannabis on its merits. It is not a
    panacea but it is a useful drug. We should not allow our obsession with
    the prohibition of recreational use of the drug to get in the way of
    allowing compassionate use of cannabis to reduce suffering for people
    with serious medical conditions.

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