Free Marijuana In Boulder Monday: Anti-Tax Group Giving Away Joints As Part Of Flood Relief Effort

COLORADO: The anti-taxation group “No on Proposition AA” is planning to give away free marijuana in Boulder Monday.

“Flood relief doesn’t stop at clothes, medical supplies, food and shelter, people lost their pot too!” Organizers wrote on Facebook.

Organizers say they will give free joints to medical marijuana patients and “stressed out recreational users” on the Pearl Street Mall starting at 11 a.m. The group will be situated across from the Boulder County Courthouse.

The same group gave out hundreds of free marijuana joints in Denver’s Civic Center Park earlier this month.

The group is upset state and local governments want to tax marijuana at 30 percent — a much higher rate than alcohol.

“The No on AA campaign should be ashamed of itself for trying to capitalize upon a tragedy in order to advance their own political beliefs,” The Yes on Proposition AA Campaign stated Monday morning.

“We can debate the merits of a free joint giveaway, but I think we should all be in agreement that making light of people’s suffering, as if a little marijuana can make it better, is inappropriate,” said Joe Megyesy, spokesperson for the Yes on Prop AA campaign.

Proposition AA will appear on the statewide ballot this fall. If approved by voters, Proposition AA would enact a 15 percent excise tax on the wholesale distribution of marijuana as well as a 10 percent sales tax at the retail level. Revenue from the excise tax would be dedicated to the Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) program, while funds generated by the sales tax would go toward regulatory oversight and enforcement.

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