Doctors Warn Miley Cyrus to Ditch Marijuana

CALIFORNIA: Miley Cyrus’ doctors have told her to steer clear of marijuana.

The star has confessed she smokes weed — even though she has a potentially deadly heart condition, called tachycardia, or an elevated heart rate.

“Miley suffers from episodes of rapid heartbeats that scare her and leave her breathless,” said a pal.

“Her doctors have told her to stay away from stimulants like caffeine, alcohol and weed, but she still insists on smoking and drinking tons of coffee – even though it affects her heart rate.

“Miley has been smoking dope for a couple of years, although she kept it hidden from her fans until recently. Miley knows she probably shouldn’t be smoking, but she loves getting high. Besides that, most of her friends smoke too, and she’s not prepared to give it up even if it sends her heart racing.

“As a Disney star, she had to maintain a ‘good girl’ image for years. Now she feels she’s going to do what she wants…and that includes getting high.”


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