Casper, WY Gets A Head Shop

By Little Sweetwater

We have a head shop in our little hometown of Casper! Last one I knew of, was in Riverton back in the 70s, but it was closed down pretty quickly. Wyoming is progressive, but just a little slower than I prefer. I would love to see marijuana legalized, to take the “desire to try” away from youth, my future great grandkids, to be specific. I really think that being legal, more people will leave it alone. Now, it is exciting to try, fear factor thing.

After hearing the head shop ad, I was remembering the shop in Seattle. Great Scott! My head was on a swivel, and I couldn’t look at everything fast enough. I was mesmerized with the beautiful pipes, and couldn’t figure out half of what I was looking at behind the counter, but I was a willing student. I learned about vapor pipes of all kinds, and something I would like to learn how to use.  Couldn’t afford one, but the education was priceless! I still wish I could have bought one of everything, then figure it out!

Now I know we have a store, I will go for a visit with the anticipation I may find some mj this year. I wish I wasn’t such a chicken and just ask. One would think with the ache in my hips and feet and the nausea, I would be driven to ask.  I respect the law enough to use MJ wisely when I have it, and not shop for it, but I would like to. I would not want to hurt my daughter or grandkids future, by being busted for such a small amount.

So, I will go buy a pipe and set it on the shelf to admire, hopefully I will be able to use it before I get put it in the Old Folk’s Home. Maybe my generation will change nursing home rules to allow pot use so we can be happy to our last breath. We just need to get started now with change, which will eventually happen anyway.

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