Bill Maher On Marijuana: ‘It’s My Culture Now’

NEVADA: Bill Maher’s admission last week that a Las Vegas club stopped him from smoking marijuana reminded me of a first: The first, and only, time I saw illegal drug use at a headliner’s party was not long after I arrived here in 1999.

A veteran headliner and his wife invited me to join them at the Foundation Room atop Mandalay Bay for the aforementioned headliner’s after-party.

We were led to one of the backrooms. We were early. Only a handful of invitees were there.

The headliner showed up, shook hands and settled into his seat as others arrived. After some small talk, he pulled out a small metal pipe and held it up.

“Any objections if I smoke?” he said. None were heard.

Then he fired up his pipe and said, “I’ve never been arrested, but this might be the night.”

In the 10 minutes I was there, I didn’t see anyone else join in or leave, other than the couple I came in with.

The man with the pipe was Bill Maher, who told my colleague Doug Elfman he would ask for “the rapper treatment” because “you let rappers do it because ‘it’s just their culture.’ Well, it’s my culture now. How about that?”


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