Best of 2014: Whoopi, Dr. Drew and 13 other pot op-eds that defined the year

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The year of marijuana — is that how we’ll look back at 2014?

Some will always link 2014 to the eponymous weed, and they will be right in doing so. It was, after all, the year we saw legal, regulated sales begin in multiple U.S. states as attitudes began to shift the world over.

The conversations on cannabis and marijuana legalization that we had in 2014 helped shift our future relationship with the plant. We talked about pot’s medical efficacy, its latent dangers, its impact on communities, its place in our homes. We discussed its interactions with our spirituality and what happens when a legal purchase made in one state crosses over into an illegal possession in a neighboring state.

There were plenty of compelling marijuana editorials in 2014, furthering the conversation from an educated but biased perspective and making us think. Here are 15 of those editorials that were among our favorites — and they’re all sure to keep the conversation going.


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