420 Games: Ganja Olympics

CALIFORNIA:  One of the biggest blows to the credibility of cannabis users is the stereotype that they are all nothing but lazy stoners. The image is clear in dissenters’ minds: a bummed out person sprawled out on a couch, hitting a bong, watching cartoons and devouring all of the snack foods and pizza in sight. Thankfully, as the new era of cannabis legalization spreads across the country, cannabis users are becoming increasingly more aware of the fact that this image is not only incorrect, but damaging to the image of cannabis use as a whole.

Now, this image is about to get turned on its head thanks to the 420 Games, a multi-city fitness event taking place in cities across the nation in states where marijuana is legal. The event, cosponsored by the popular medical marijuana dispensary locater Weedmaps and Harborside Health Center, will feature a number of cannabis themed physical events to prove that the predetermined image of the “lazy stoner” is nothing but a misconception caused by years of damaging propaganda movements.

Jim McAlpine, the founder of the event and an executive businessman for the McAlpine snowboarding company, is out to prove that cannabis use and physical fitness don’t have to be two different worlds incapable of commingling.

“We’re coming off of decades of negative propaganda stigmatizing cannabis use,” McAlpine said in an interview with a local paper. “We’ve all been lied to, it’s a bad rap and we need to change the dialogue. There are millions of people who use marijuana in effective, healthy and productive ways. We plan to show this to the world via athletic achievement.”


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