10 Concentrate Strains Perfect For Vaping

By Marisa T

It is a well-known fact that concentrates are high in THC and CBD. They are super potent and have amazing healing and calming qualities. However, the best way to enjoy your concentrates is by vaping them with a vape pen.

Here are 10 of the best concentrate strains to use with your vape pen. For a comprehensive list of some of the best vape pens available today – check out TheVape.Guide’s best dab pens list.

1. Gorilla Glue

Among weed strains, Gorilla Glue has been known to top the charts as being one of the strongest strains in the market today so you can imagine that making a concentrate from this would yield some impressive results. Many companies have made concentrates from this strain and it has been known to yield between 76% to 97% THC – making it a super potent concentrate for vaping.

2. Kandy Kush

This wax strain tastes similar to lemon candies with its sugary, sweet flavor. It is great for giving your mood that much needed boost and for relieving minor pain. It is a cross between two other strains – OG Kush and Trainwreck.

3. Cheese Quake CO2 Oil

This oil concentrate is based out of the state of Washington and reaches around 88% THC concentration. It is grown by a local cultivator and is an indica-dominant hybrid. Expected effects include a mild body high as well as some euphoric qualities.

4. Durban Poison

This strain is sativa-dominant straight from South African. It is quite popular and is perfect for concentrates since the flower has a good amount of resin and terpenes. Users can expect a decent high that still allows for productivity and focus throughout the day.

5. True OG by Dandy

This concentrate comes out of Southern California by Dandy and is an indica-dominant strain. It yields around 82% THC making for a rather potent concentrate. You can expect a relaxing effect from this strain as well as an overall happy mood – it also perfect for helping you get some much needed sleep.

6. Goji OG

This one comes in a few different flavors like licorice, strawberry, and cherry – making for a sweet vapor quality. It is a sativa strain, however, it is also a dominant hybrid. The great thing about Goji OG is that growers have success in growing decent crops making for a good amount to make concentrates.

7. T-Rex Concentrates Predator Pink

Here is another strain based out of Washington and is just as potent – with a THC concentration of around 92% so it will definitely knock you off your feet. This concentrate contains a few terpenes like myrcene and humulene which creates an aroma of musk and spice.

8. Strawberry Lemonade

This strain first appeared at the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cups and is one of the best sativa concentrates around. It is purely 100% sativa, making it perfect for creating lots of energy and motivation for any concentrate user. After only seconds, one can enjoy its sweet terpenes.

9. Grape Ape Solventless Clear

It shouldn’t be surprising that Washington is leading the way in concentrate strains – this one boasts yet another potent THC concentration at 92%. This strain is indica based – leading to some pain-relieving qualities and sedative like effects. If you vape this one, expect to spend some time lying down.

10. Kosher Tangie

This strain is just right for medical cannabis users with its ability to create a happy, balanced effect. It is a cross between Kosher Kush and Tangie with a blend of hybrid and indica dominant strains. It’s flavor is unique – attributed to a skunk.

Final Thoughts

No matter the strain, using a vape pen lets you get the most flavor and effects from your concentrates.

While these are only a handful of concentrate strains out there, these are a great mix for anyone to start out with. Any concentrate is perfect for vaping but these on this list are ones to check out. Which ones are your favorite?