Yakima, WA City Council Bans Marijuana Businesses

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) has written a new report providing a comprehensive overview of best practices for taxing marijuana and the potential impact these taxes could have on state and local revenue.

WASHINGTON:  The Yakima City Council, once divided on the issue of how to implement the state’s recreational marijuana law, was virtually united Tuesday night when deciding to ban all business activity related to the drug.

Council voted 6 to 1 in favor of the ban on the growing, processing and retail sales of pot within city limits. Council member Kathy Coffey cast the lone no vote.

“I cannot support this ban. I do not think this is a responsible move by this council,” Coffey said in dissent.

The rest of the council went along with the ban largely citing federal law that classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. They were not swayed by several claims during the public hearing from people about the millions of dollars in revenue the city would lose, the black market that would continue or the medical value from it.

The stage was set for the ban when Council Member Maureen Adkison switched her position from moving forward with developing regulations for complying with I-502. At that time, Mayor Micah Cawley was on board with that as well, but went along Tuesday night with the rest of council to vote for the ban.


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  1. medcannabis1 says

    time to elect compassionate citizens to all public offices and demand an end to this needless continuation of the old racist law concerning cannabis prohibition.
    These members should be recalled and time for new citizens who understand that the times of reefer madness are over…..

  2. SmoothHead Johnny says

    Spineless! Must not be election year in Yakima. At least it’ll be a safe haven for the Moral Minority to cower in their homes while the rest of the civilized world actually heeds what research continues to show. I just hope they “vote” to keep the orange triangles on the backs of their buggies…

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