WSDA Releases Azamax Insecticide From Stop Sale List

WASHINGTON: Effective February 25, 2019, Azamax The Natural Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 71908-1-81268) was released from the WSDA November 5, 2018, Stop Sale, Use or Removal Order #KFJ-0007-18. Distribution and use can begin again in Washington State.  The WSDA is allowing reasonable levels of naturally occurring 3-indoleacetic acid (IAA) to exist in Azamax The Natural Insecticide (EPA Reg. No. 71908-1-81268).

The complete up-to-date list of pesticides and fertilizers placed on statewide stop sale, use and remove orders is on the following pages and can be found anytime by entering in your web browser.  Then use the search box in the upper right corner of the page to search for pesticides on stop sale then choose Fertilizers and Pesticides Placed on Statewide Stop-Sale Orders.

For information regarding stop sales, please contact Tim Schultz 509-994-0936 Toll Free 877-301-4555 Email:


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