With Support For Marijuana, Concern Over Driving High Grows

COLORADO: The Lodo Wellness Center in Denver has been selling medical marijuana for several years. But since Jan. 1, when marijuana in Colorado officially moved from underground to behind-the-counter, they’ve also been selling legal, recreational pot.

A majority of Americans now say they support full legalization, and the trend is spreading: Legal weed is coming soon to Washington state.

Meanwhile, the public health community is warning of a potential safety problem: more people driving while stoned. But health officials and law enforcement don’t yet have the data or tools to address the concern.

Public Perception

Inside the Lodo Wellness Center, shoppers don’t seem particularly worried about getting behind the wheel with pot in their systems.

“You could smoke about an ounce and still have your motor skills,” says 39-year-old Dante Cox. “When it comes to one shot of alcohol, all that goes out of the window.”


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