Wisconsin Bill Would Legalize Marijuana Ingredient CBD To Treat Stubborn Seizures

Nic Volker, 9, takes a break while playing a video game at home in Monona. His mother wants him to try a non-psychoactive component of marijuana for his seizure disorder, but it is illegal in Wisconsin and most states. A bill introduced by Rep. Robb Kahl, D-Monona, would allow the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, for seizures.

WISCONSIN: Seizures cause Nic Volker to shake or stare blankly dozens of times most days, despite medication and a special diet, his mother says.

She wants the 9-year-old to try something that has helped children with seizure disorders: cannabidiol, or CBD, an ingredient in marijuana that isn’t psychoactive but is illegal in Wisconsin and most states.

“One seizure can be fatal,” said Amylynne Santiago Volker of Monona. “There really aren’t any other choices for us. I just want CBD to be an option.”

A bill introduced last month by Rep. Robb Kahl, D-Monona, would allow the use of CBD for seizures. Kahl drafted the measure at Volker’s request.

The bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Scott Krug, R-Nekoosa, was approved last week by the Assembly Committee on Children and Families. It hasn’t gone before the full Assembly and could face an uphill battle in the Senate as the end of the legislative session nears, Kahl said.

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